Mary Beth Johnson | Founder/Editor

Mary Beth is an Atlanta-based photographer, writer, former blogger, and mother of four. Her work has been featured in Darling magazine, Life Beautiful magazine, What To Expect, and Babble, to name a few.

Mary Beth’s decision to home school in 2013 sparked a passion for raising independent, adventure-loving children rooted in old-fashioned values. Frustrated at every turn by the lack of resources for modern parents, she began logging hours upon hours of research to find classic materials that supported this approach.

The idea for SchoonerKids was born.

What you will find here is a carefully curated selection of articles for intentional parenting, beautiful educational materials to support a love of learning, and highlights of mini style and travel sprinkled throughout.

Mary Beth’s mission is to inspire parents everywhere to fill their home up with toys that encourage imaginative play, timeless clothing that does not compete with current trends, and cultural experiences that infuse creativity into their everyday lives.

May we live with intention and bring our children up to do the same.



Jenny Hellman

Jenny Hellman | Contributing Travel Writer

Hey! I’m Jenny, currently living in Tulsa, OK with my handsome hubby and our cheeky toddler whom I’ve dubbed little man. In my day job I’m a reservoir engineer for an oil and gas company where I’m constantly lobbying for longer vacation policies and more flex time, so I can experience the world with the family without having to be total nomads, although some days that sounds perfect too! Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to travel. In high school I heard about a student trip to Europe and told my parents I was going. Humoring me, they said if I could raise the thousands on my own I could go. Nine months later after scrimping and saving and working every day I didn’t have classes and begging everyone I could think of to sponsor me, I boarded a plane for London and never looked back. When little man came into our lives, everyone tried to convince me my travel days were over. Instead I flew solo with him at four months and at ten months boarded yet another plane for the emerald isle with the hubby for a spectacular ten days with the little man in tow. If I’m not in my garden, out hiking, or on my front porch trying to read while wrangling little man, you’ll find me dreaming about our next getaway.

If you want to know what a female reservoir engineer really does, just meet me at the local coffee shop downtown where all the baristas know my name and we’ll chat over strong lattes and a bar of dark chocolate. My life is one big realization that I need Jesus more than I ever thought possible and yet he smiles on me with a love that is bigger than I ever dreamed possible.

Rachel Ringenberg

Rachel Ringenberg | Contributing Writer

Rachael Ringenberg has lived in downtown Boston for eight years and these days she is a thirty-year-old mom of two. Her little girls love ballet, popsicles, and putting their feet in gross city ponds. Her biggest challenge is figuring out how to read a novel and play blocks at the same time. She loves the companionship of internet motherhood and tries to blog as much as she can at erstwhiledear.com.


Natalie Borton | Contributing Style Writer

Natalie Borton is the San Diego-based blogger behind Thoughts by Natalie and contributing editor for Glitter Guide who covers style, motherhood, wellness and life. She believes that beauty comes from who we are—not what we look like—and tries her hardest to live life accordingly. Aside from her work, she’s married to her best friend, a new mama to the sweetest baby boy in the world, and a dog mom to a very scruffy adopted pup named Maggie. Her deepest desire is to help women live healthy, confident lives of true beauty and worth. A self-proclaimed minimalist, she is constantly striving to simplify and optimize her life.