How To Style Your Schooners For Photos

November 3, 2015

This is the hardest thing for most parents when it comes to getting your kids photos taken. What are they going to wear? I get asked about this all the time so I thought I’d write an article now that Christmas card season is right around the corner. I truly believe the outfit makes or breaks the photos. No pressure (ha!). My first piece of advice is to make sure the outfit fits your child. This is especially true with babies. If the pants look too big, your photos are going to look a little silly. So if the clothes you choose for the shoot fit – you’re already way ahead! My second piece of advice is – THINK NEUTRAL! Pale colors and neutrals just photograph the best in my opinion. Here are some examples…


This outfit just works! Love how the glasses add a little pop of color. Perfect addition of patterns and accessories too!


Great examples above – layers and accessories! Having layers provides a great way to get different looks in one session (without doing the dreaded outfit changes that put kids in a bad mood). Also, adding a hat or headband is a great idea. This could even be your one pop of color in the outfit like the baby below…


Now for the BOYS…if you’ve been blessed with boys (like I have been) then you have it pretty easy…just keep it simple and you’ll be good! Don’t you love dressing boys?? I really do – probably because I would have no idea what to do with the hair :)


It’s even cute if they end up in their t-shirt and underwear (and of course scraped up legs) for a shot – that would be my child above.

My last piece of advice is to stay classy. You want to look back on these photos of your kids many years from now and not think – I can’t believe I put that on my poor kid.

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    Love these! The underwear shot especially ;-)

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