Costumes That Don’t Scream Halloween

October 28, 2015


I love the holidays, but I struggle with Halloween. Perhaps it’s the skulls with blood dripping out of their mouths or the rolling eye balls that send me into “Why are we making light of this when there are real catastrophes with real injuries all around the world?!”

I know, I can be a real stick-in-the-mud.

My kids, however, are obsessed with dressing up and morphing into different characters, so we participate year after year. I love fantasy and imagination and think healthy doses should be welcomed, but instead of getting sucked into the goriness, we stick to costumes that are about animals or real life heroes. This basically means we re-wear the same outfits we’ve picked up at consignment stores every Halloween and the kids don’t know that I am a very uncool mom for this. Since I find it very difficult to find well-made costumes that will last, I’ve rounded up a few gender-neutral options for looks you can throw together with untraditional Halloween purchases or items from around your house. I hope it sparks some creative juices and makes those of you not going all out feel like you’re in good company.

Happy Halloween!

Horse Rider | Sailor | Bunny Baby | Shark Baby | Aviator | Bunny Girl | Ballerina | Davy Crockett

P.S. A sweet bunny hat for your little girl, inexpensive aviator hat, coonskin hat, and keepsake ballerina outfits that I would love to get for my girls.


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