One Pair of Shoes for Baby!

September 23, 2015
Hugh Turns 1 | ROSEMARY WILD-1-3

Hugh Turns 1 | ROSEMARY WILD-1-13Hugh Turns 1 | ROSEMARY WILD-1-5

It’s my baby’s first birthday today and I’m feeling all the things as we celebrate his little life and all the joy and laughter he’s brought to our home. Fourth babies have a way of stretching you and making your heart expand further than you thought it could go. Often times I worry about spending enough time holding and enjoying him, as I seem to never have enough hands and memory and lap to fit everything and everyone into my days.

As our family has grown, I have become ever more committed to my minimalist mentality. We need to keep things simple around here, so that we can enjoy each other! I’ve written before about our one-shoe-policy for the kids each season. The same goes for our babies. I have used Freshly Picked moccasins for both of my boys and I cannot recommend them enough! They are the only shoes that actually stay on my baby’s feet and I like that the leather improves with character and natural wear and tear. They come in a variety of cute colors, but my favorite is the weathered brown (as shown here on Hugh) because it literally goes with anything and everything.

In case you’re wondering how long these will last, Hugh has worn moccasins for both the summer and now fall. We simply add socks when it starts to get nippy. We always, always get compliments wherever we go and I want to say, “It’s my little secret. They’re so easy! No straps. No snaps. Wipe clean.”

This post is in partnership with Freshly Picked. We adore our sponsors and are happy to recommend tried and true products that have worked for our family. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make SchoonerKids possible. 

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