What’s In Your Mom Bag?

September 15, 2015

Let’s talk mom bags. I stuff mine full of all the usual things…extra clothes, diapers, a bottle, hand sanitizer, and a changing pad. But because we spend a LOT of time in the car these days shuttling the girls back and forth to school, I also stow away a book I’m reading and snacks for when the hunger strikes. And it will strike. We spend a good portion of snack time waiting in the carpool line so I always need something quick that I can grab and that will taste great with my iced coffee but that the kids can eat too.

(Maybe it’s the four kids or maybe I’m just weird, but I celebrate carpool.)


Sometimes the boys fall asleep and I sit and enjoy the spontaneous moment of peace with my book and my coffee, or sometimes we sit and work on preschool over munchies. We’ve got a great system, but don’t tell my husband because he is in charge of cleaning out our van and he always asks me how there are raisins stuffed under the metal latches beneath the seats.

I can’t imagine.


Sometimes I wonder who those moms are that keep their vans in pristine condition and then I don’t even want to know because I have an inkling I’ll have to give up my carpool routine and I’m 100% sure the idea that our vehicle is our mobile house. I just need a plug for my hair dryer. And a little fridge would be nice too.

I digress.


So my mom bag is sort of like my mini van, only minier. (Don’t look that last word up. It’s not a word.) I tote around all sorts of things until one day I’ve just had enough of carrying around my house and I dump it out for a good purge. I feel especially on top of things that day. I go back to my basics but I always, always keep snacks. Our latest favorite has been Mini Me’s Organic Cookies because a) the dark chocolate cookies go wonderfully with my iced coffee b) my kids are always hungry for treats and these are healthy with a splash of splurge and c) my husband is excited that they do not crumble like the gold fish and cheerios stuck in the recesses of our van.

They’re a win-win.

They offer three flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and strawberry. Our favorite is the dark chocolate, hands down. I love that these cookies are Non-GMO and gluten-free. Sometimes I want to bring a snack for my dear friends with dietary/allergy restrictions and I don’t know what to bring. These are perfect!


What tips and tricks have you learned to stuff inside your mom bag?

Mini Me’s is running a contest to win $500 in groceries or airfare and a year’s supply of their organic rice cookies. Go HERE to enter!

*This post is in partnership with Mini Me’s Organic Bites. We adore our sponsors, so thank you for supporting the brands that make SchoonerKids possible.

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