Everyday Smoothie

August 18, 2015

Our baby Hugh is contact-allergic to eggs and I’ve gotten out of the habit of cooking anything hot in the mornings. To avoid existing solely on bagels, I come home from the gym and whip up an icy smoothie, complete with a handful of goldfish crackers. Although I grew up with the smell of bacon and sausage wafting throughout the house, these straws and plastic cups are a morning ritual I look forward to with my boys.

There are health benefits, if not motivational benefits, to starting your day out with a breakfast packed with protein and superfoods. Trading a smoothie for your morning dose of energy will help you avoid the sugar/caffeine crash that so often happens after a cup of coffee and you’ll kickstart your day with a solid serving of vegetables.

handful of kale
 handful of almonds
 1 pitted date
half of a frozen banana
 1 or 2 tablespoons of vanilla protein powder (I used this)
1/2 cup – 1 cup organic milk or almond milk, frozen is best
 Tear kale leaves from their stalk and throw a good handful into the blender. Add a small handful of almonds, pitted date, frozen banana, protein powder, and milk. If you’re using almond milk, use half almond milk/half crushed ice. Blend till smooth and creamy. ENJOY!

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